The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive in Mission officially opens, leaving Overland Park for now

Snack Shack burger

The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive is now open for business — officially. Above, a Snack Shack double bacon cheeseburger. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive in downtown Mission is officially open for business, and the popular burger joint’s original location in downtown Overland Park is now closed.

Why the move? Fans of Snack Shack, which has built up a loyal following over the past decade, have waited nearly a year for it to open in its new location.

The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive took up prime real estate in downtown Mission, moving into the former Town Topic space at 6108 Johnson Drive.

Jack Tolle, manager and son of owners Matt Tolle and Rayna Andrew-Tolle, said the Mission location is better than the family-owned business anticipated with a better kitchen flow, more space in the lobby and a walk-up window.


Background on the move out of Overland Park space. The Tolles opened The Snack Shack on Santa Fe in downtown Overland Park 11 years ago. Originally, the family planned to open in Mission as a second location in summer 2021.

But after some delay, Snack Shack announced last month that it would be completely moving operations to Mission and leaving Overland Park.

Jack Tolle told the Post that lease negotiations with the Santa Fe Drive landlords stalled out.

While the family initially anticipated operating out of downtown Overland Park for at least another 10 years, he said, “They [the landlords] had other plans, and they wanted to sell their building.”

Jack Tolle said he and his family do not know what will happen with their old space at 8039 Santa Fe Drive or who or what will move in there now.

Snack Shack ice cream
The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive offers the same Overland Park menu, including ice cream pictured above. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

The details: Snack Shack is working its way back to its regular operating hours following a soft opening, Tolle said.

For now, it is open Tuesdays through Sundays and closed Mondays. Daily hours are updated on Snack Shack’s Facebook page regularly.

The Mission location features the same menu as the original Santa Fe Drive location — minus the “sassy burger,” though it can still be ordered by adding toppings like mushrooms and Swiss cheese, he said.

Key quote: “I keep telling everybody: We may not be in downtown Overland Park, but this is not the last we’ll see of the Snack Shack in Overland Park,” Jack said. “We’ll be back in some fashion.”