Jim Cosgrove, better known as kids’ musician ‘Mr. Stinky Feet,’ has written a true crime memoir

Jim Cosgrove, a Mission resident and author (and Mr. Stinky Feet)

Jim Cosgrove, better known as children's entertainer and musician "Mr. Stinky Feet," is releasing a true crime memoir documenting his own 27-year journey researching the disappearance and death of Frank McGonigle, a son in the famous meat market family. Above, Cosgrove at Urban Prairie Coffee. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

Jim Cosgrove, a Mission-based author and children’s musician best known by his stage name “Mr. Stinky Feet,” is going in a different direction with his latest project, a true crime memoir about the disappearance and death of the son of a famous Kansas City family.

Why it matters: For decades, Cosgrove has researched the case of Frank McGonigle, the son of the well-known meat market family, who disappeared in 1982. Cogrove’s research started out as a master’s thesis in 1995.