Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Protect your home’s foundation this spring!

There are a number of ways you can safeguard your foundation and each one is equally important.

The spring season is the ideal time to protect one of the most important parts of your home: its foundation. If something goes awry with this part of your home, you are looking at the potential of a costly repair! There are a number of ways you can safeguard your foundation and each one is equally important.

Clean gutters are king
The first is to do a thorough cleaning of your gutters at least two times throughout the year. Ideally, this deep clean should take place in the spring and in the fall. Think about the purpose your gutters serve: if they are not properly cleaned and maintained you are at risk for water damage to your foundation. To ensure that gutters are working properly, take a look at your gutters during a downpour. If you notice water overflow or leaks, you know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Don’t neglect your downspouts
You also need to pay attention to downspouts around your home. Water from downspouts should be expelled at least six feet away from your home’s foundation. Any less could be a set up for disaster. You can ensure the distance is sufficient by utilizing downspout extensions or splash blocks – both found at any hardware store.

Grade matters
“Grade” refers to the slope of the soil around your foundation.  When there is a “positive grade” around your home, it simply means the soil slopes away from your foundation which directs water away from your home. A “negative grade” means the soil slopes toward your home, and you guessed it – water is directed toward your home if you have a “negative” grade. To ensure that soil slopes away from your house, consider adding soil. If this is not a viable solution, you can create a swale, which is essentially a water drainage channel around your home.

By cleaning your gutters, checking your downspouts, and ensuring your grade is in good shape, your foundation will have maximum protection from April showers!

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