Shawnee council sends townhome project back for review over traffic, flooding concerns

After two hours of deliberation, the Shawnee City Council on Monday sent a proposed townhomes project back to the city planning commission for further review.

Why it matters: Located on about 13 acres in the 6700 block of Hedge Lane Terrace, Hidden Creek Reserve Townhomes would comprise a 60-unit residential development.

The site is located just west of K-7 Highway near the Chapel Creek subdivision and Shawnee Golf & Country Club.

Considering the opposition from neighboring homeowners and a mixed level of support from the Shawnee Planning Commission earlier this month, the city council unanimously voted to remand the project to the planning commission.

The following items should be addressed:

  • Completion of a broad traffic study of the area along West 67th Street/Shawnee Mission Parkway and K-7 Highway
  • Review of potential stormwater and flooding issues
  • Review of sight line and visibility of the project from the surrounding neighborhood
  • An accounting of the history of the developer with neighboring homeowners

Here is a design rendering of one of the townhomes.

Traffic safety, flooding remain top issues

Neighboring homeowners’ top concern related to traffic safety issues, particularly for pedestrians who have difficulty crossing the Shawnee Mission Parkway bridge over K-7 Highway.

Other concerns relate to a potential increase in flooding — the golf course is in a flood zone and already has issues with this — as well as visibility of the townhomes from their properties.

The city council’s discussion primarily focused on neighboring homeowners’ concerns with traffic safety issues and potential flooding impacts because this area of western Shawnee continues to grow and develop.

Key quote: “I’d rather solve problems before the problem is created than the other way around. So my recommendation would be we send it back to the planning commission to have them hear the analysis and the results of that analysis so that we go into this thing with our eyes wide open and good information and make a good decision.” – Councilmember Eric Jenkins

Next steps: The planning commission will review this item again at a future city meeting, potentially as soon as April 4 or 18.

A recording of the meeting is below and on the city’s website. Discussion begins at 2:25:42.