‘Best City to Buy a House’ this year in U.S.? This website says it’s Overland Park

The website Niche ranked Overland Park on the top of its list of "Best Cities to Buy a House" in America in 2022. The data analytics and research site ranked cities based on several key factors, including average home values and local taxes. File photo.

If you have recently moved to the Overland Park area to buy a house, then you apparently came to the right place. And have good timing.

That’s according to Niche, a data analytics website that releases a variety of annual rankings on everything from schools and places to live.

Overland Park took Niche’s top spot on its 2022 “Best Cities to Buy a House” list.

Niche says it ranks cities based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI and other data resources in order to “provide a comprehensive assessment of the housing and community of an area.”

For each city, the website says it takes several factors of a location’s housing market into account, including:

  • home values,
  • local taxes,
  • crime rates
  • and quality of local schools.

Those factors are all combined into a final score that attempts to measure the quality and stability of an area’s real estate market.

“I’m proud to see Overland Park continue to be recognized as one of the best places to live, work, go to school and make a home,” Mayor Curt Skoog said in a statement to the Post. “We are working diligently to maintain and improve our community and ensure anyone who wants to live here can do that.”

With a population around 191,000, Niche estimates the median home value in Overland to be $276,100 and a median rent at $1,164.

The city was labeled as “dense suburban” based on metrics about the housing stock, population density and the proximity of amenities in the area.

According to the website, 37% of Overland Park residents rent, while 63% own property.

While Overland took first place on Niche’s “Best Cities to Buy a House” list, the city was also highly ranked on several other of the website’s lists for this year.

Below is a list of Overland Park’s other notable ratings for 2022: