Updates from Johnson County Community College: Start the next chapter with our Journalism and Media Communications program

Students can find their beat in local, national or international news, social media, public relations and more through JCCC’s Journalism and Media Communications program.

Media communications is all about finding and telling a story. Whether it’s reporting on breaking news, executing an advertising strategy or coordinating a social media campaign, it all comes down to crafting the perfect message. JCCC can help students find their beat in the ever-growing communications industry.

Program details

Students sharpen their communication skills to become sought-after professionals through JCCC’s Journalism and Media Communications program. Courses include news writing and video production, public relations, photojournalism and timely subjects like social media and podcasting.

Throughout the program, students will learn how to:

  • Produce news and sports segments for television and radio
  • Write eye-catching and engaging advertising copy
  • Capture newsworthy events with photography and video
  • Provide clients with advertising and public relations support
  • Learn how to write and report for print, broadcast and digital media

Valuable experience opportunities

Real-world experience is key to becoming a well-rounded marketable employee. Students gain firsthand knowledge at JCCC while working with industry-standard equipment in news, broadcasting and video classes. This knowledge is used in our student-run media studios and news website, the Campus Ledger.

Additionally, students earn on-the-job training through internship opportunities with local businesses. Through internships, students may have the opportunity to work on public relations, marketing communications and social media campaigns. Former students say these experiences were priceless and pointed them toward a career path they would not have found otherwise.

“The faculty guided me through the requirements needed to qualify for my internship and then encouraged me to apply early. That was 28 years ago… and I’ve never left!” said Ryan Westward, radio personality for 98.9 The Rock.

“I don’t know if I would have ever been ready without JCCC’s unbelievable classes, extracurricular activities in the communications fields and professors that never stop believing in you. JCCC changed my life forever and for the better,” said Gabriella Sonnenschein, SEO & marketing consultant at Fusion Inbound.

 Why JCCC for Journalism and Media Communications?

We emphasize providing a quality education at JCCC. Students learn from expert faculty with extensive local, national and international industry knowledge and experience. Additionally, smaller class sizes ensure students receive personalized learning opportunities and the chance to get to know their instructors.

For JCCC students who want to continue on in their education, our Journalism and Media Communications credits can be easily transferred to most four-year institutions. We work closely with nearby colleges, like the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, to ensure the transfer process goes smoothly.

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