5 to Try: What is the best Chinese food in Johnson County? Tell us your picks 🥡

This week, we're asking readers for their recommendations for best Chinese food in Johnson County. Above, the offerings at ABC Cafe in Overland Park, which offers an extensive dim sum menu. Image via Yelp.

It’s back to food for this week’s “5 to Try.”

We’ve had success asking for readers’ picks for best local offerings of a country’s cuisine before. (Check out reader recommendations for best Italian food in Johnson County.)

This week, let’s jump around the map a bit.

We want your picks for best Chinese food in Johnson County.

You may have a mouth-watering menu of dim sum in mind. Or you could have a go-to place for takeout that never misses.

Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

To send us your “5 to Try” suggestions this week and each week, you can: 

Each Friday, we’ll publish our readers’ suggestions for what made it into our “5 to Try.”

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