Your Mortgage: Should you refinance your mortgage?

Here are some common questions to ask yourself to see if now is the right time to refinance:

Kansas residents recently received their new tax assessments. While higher home values typically mean higher taxes, they can also mean higher equity. You might be able to use this new equity to remove PMI from your existing loan or to get cash to pay down debts and make home improvements.

There can be many benefits to a refinance beyond just a lower rate or shorter term. Even if you think you have the best rate available, talking to one of our local mortgage professionals can give you a comprehensive (and free) consultation covering all of your options.

With nothing more than your most recent mortgage statement, our team can discuss how the refinance you’re considering will affect your monthly payment and provide you with several options based on your goals.

Set yourself up for a successful refinance by chatting with a loan officer today! Click here to schedule a meeting with a member of our team today!

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