City of Overland Park sets five-year plan for public safety improvements

fire station 41, which is on the list of public safety improvements for the next few years

The city of Overland Park has outlined the next five years of capital improvements and routine upgrades for public safety, including the reconstruction of pictured Fire Station #41. Photo courtesy of City of Overland Park website.

The city of Overland Park has set a five-year lineup for public safety capital improvements. 

At last week’s Public Safety Committee meeting, councilmembers reviewed the city’s projected costs for public safety improvements budgeted for 2023 through 2027. 

The committee approved the five-year projections for recommendation to the city council’s Committee of the Whole, which handles budgets and capital improvements. 

The five-year plan includes capital improvements — which typically encompass new facilities or fixes to existing ones — along with some maintenance repairs and recurring costs for the city’s Fire and Police departments. 

Here are some of the highest cost items that were recommended for the five-year plan. 


  • Reconstruction of Fire Station #41
    • Details: This project includes demolition and reconstruction of Overland Park’s Fire Station #41 on 75th Street. It’s been underway since 2017. Following a program study in 2021, the project’s cost increased from roughly $7 million to $13 million. City staff said this was due to rising construction costs, site utility costs, concept design refinement and temporary facility use for the station during construction. 
    • Project timeline: 2017-2024 
    • Price tag: $13 million
  • Police equipment storage facility
    • Details: The Sanders Justice Center will have a new vehicle storage facility for police equipment. The project involves construction of a vehicle outbuilding facility that will be used as a weight room during reconstruction of the public safety locker rooms at the Scafe and Sanders centers. Construction was moved from 2021 to 2022. 
    • Project timeline: 2020-2022
    • Price tag: $4.77 million
  • Video camera replacement 
    • Details: The police department’s mobile digital video cameras will be replaced and upgraded, along with system components in software used in police vehicles and for booking and interview room use. This replacement comes as part of a five-year replacement cycle. The equipment up for replacement was purchased in 2022.
    • Project timeline: 2027
    • Price tag: $2.75 million 
  • Fire truck replacement
    • Details: Overland Park’s Quint 41 fire truck will be replaced after several years of service and maintenance. It will move from frontline to reserve use. 
    • Project timeline: 2022- 2027 
    • Price tag: $1.15 million 
  • Police taser replacement
    • Details: The police department’s 220 tasers will be replaced. These tasers have a lifespan and a replacement cycle of five years. 
    • Project timeline: 2023
    • Price tag: $900,000
  • Police software upgrade
    • Details: System components of the Police Department’s Hexagon communication software – Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile for Public Safety (MPS)- will be upgraded as part of a four-year replacement cycle.
    • Project timeline: 2026
    • Price tag: $850,000