Updates from Johnson County Community College: Success at JCCC and beyond

JCCC offers a variety of student resources to enhance the college experience.

At JCCC, support services are available as soon as a student applies and continues after graduation. From selecting a major, landing that dream job or transferring to another institution, we offer resources for every step of the educational journey.

Academic Counseling

Our goal is for students to never feel alone when making important academic decisions. That’s why we have counselors available to explore career options and chart educational paths, including transferring JCCC credits to four-year schools. JCCC counselors can help students:

  • Build class schedules and complete enrollment.
  • Get involved with clubs and orgs, athletics, study abroad, service-learning, honors and other leadership programs.
  • Choose or change majors and stay on track for graduation.
  • Ensure a smooth transfer process to another institution.

We have counselors who focus in particular areas, like business, creative arts, healthcare and industrial technology, who can work with students to create a specific academic plan, explain program application requirements and deadlines and give firsthand industry insights.

Transfer information and services

Did you know that JCCC has transfer agreements with more than 60 local and regional four-year colleges and universities? While a student’s education starts here, it doesn’t have to end here! As the Kansas Board of Regents continues to approve courses for guaranteed seamless transfer across the state, students can get a head start on their bachelor’s degree at JCCC for a fraction of the cost at a four-year institution.

Students who transfer coursework to a Kansas university from a Kansas community college may be eligible for “reverse transfer.” This process allows students to earn an associate degree by combining credits from their most recently attended community college and credits earned after transferring to a Kansas public university. Research shows that on average, associate degree holders earn about $200,000 more over a lifetime than individuals with some college, but no degree.

Career Development Center

Self-discovery and transformation are core to the college experience, and ultimately guide students toward career decisions. JCCC’s Career Development Center can help students discover their strengths, gain self-knowledge and assess their personality traits and values.

Our career professionals guide students through potential jobs interests across various industries. For students seeking real-world experience, we offer firsthand learning opportunities, including informational interviews, job shadowing and service learning.

Assistance continues as students prepare to enter the workforce. Students and alumni are encouraged to bring their resumes and cover letters to the Career Development Center for review – no appointment necessary. We also offer mock interviews, as well as access to an online system aimed at improving interview skills.

Endless student resources

These are just a few of the resources JCCC offers to help guide our students on their educational journeys. Check out the full comprehensive list to explore all JCCC has to offer.