Lenexa Police help deliver baby on side of 95th Street after mother goes into labor on way to hospital

A Lenexa Police sergeant, along with two officers, assisted a husband and wife who had pulled over along 95th Street around midnight Friday after the woman had gone into labor on their way to the hospital. A police spokesperson said a baby boy was successfully delivered and the mother and infant were then transported to the hospital and are both said to be doing well. File image.

A Lenexa Police sergeant and two officers helped a woman give birth to a baby boy early Friday morning along the side of 95th Street, just east of Interstate 35.

Master Police Officer Danny Chavez, a spokesperson for the Lenexa Police Department, says a husband and wife were driving to the hospital around midnight when the woman started going into labor.

They called 911 and the dispatcher instructed them to pull off the interstate onto 95th Street at about 12:10 a.m.

Police officers soon arrived to where the couple were and took charge of handling the baby’s delivery.

“The first officer on scene took the phone from the mother and spoke with fire/medical dispatch,” Chavez said. “Another officer and sergeant arrived a few minutes later.”

Chavez says the sergeant, a 15-year veteran officer and a father himself, was the one who actually delivered the baby.

“In last night’s call, officers arrived before medical personnel and realized they needed to take immediate action,” Chavez said. “While we aren’t specifically trained in child delivery, officers were able to successfully deliver the baby on the side of the road with the assistance of medical dispatch on the phone.”

Johnson County Med-Act transported the mother and child — with father following behind —to AdventHealth in Merriam, the hospital they had originally been driving towards before they pulled over.

Both the mother and infant boy are said to be doing well.

Chavez says that in his more than 20 years with the department, he isn’t aware of another situation where Lenexa officers delivered a baby while on duty.