Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: 13 Seconds

What can we learn from the Chiefs' latest historic win?

If you are a Chiefs fan – or an enthusiastic sports fan – there is a good chance that had your TV tuned to the same channel as I did last Sunday. And what a game it was! Through all of life’s experiences, watching sports included, I typically have two completely opposite perspectives. I am either a passive observer, enjoying the experience, following along in an autopilot state of mind OR I am an active participant, diligently giving meaning to each perspective before me. For me, this game would be defined as a hybrid of the two – relishing the moment AND frantically and actively participating in the collective push forward towards the goal line. With 1:02 left in regulation, the Chiefs no doubt proceeded with hopes for another possible Super Bowl Victory, as did I and Chiefs Kingdom. However, 49 seconds later, some of us entered a state of frustration and for some, resignation.

This week in our sales meeting, we took the following question into our 5 minutes of mindful meditation: “What are the traits one must have to be able to march down the field and tie a game of such magnitude?” Here are just a few of the words that the group came up with:

  • Focus
  • Practice
  • Determination
  • Drive
  • Hope
  • Passion
  • Relentless
  • Tenacity

As I grow older, a firm belief system has evolved regarding the clues which are provided for me by life experiences. Mahomes, Kelce, Hill, Butker and the rest of the team gave us many clues on Sunday. For me, the most poignant was how easily my own mindset and attitude can surrender. While watching the game, there were moments I was certain it was over. The sharp contrast would be the traits our team personified – each of the words above describe them to a T. They held the belief that anything is possible. They would not give up.

Did you know that there are 31,256,000 seconds in a year? Each of those 365 days is made up of 86,400 seconds. I encourage you to take out your preferred timepiece and set it for 13 seconds. It is unbelievable how quickly those seconds tick by. Never in my life have I witnessed more clues and considerations in a 13-second timeframe than what I witnessed in this game – one the greatest in NFL history.

Last Sunday will be remembered for years to come – not just Chiefs and Bills fans, but anyone who watched what unfolded in the last 13 seconds of regulation play. We ALL owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the players and coaches from BOTH teams. It may be a long time before we see something like that again. The feeling of frustration and second-guessing likely felt by players and fans alike at the 13-second mark seems like a great opportunity to consider the power of mindset and attitude. While I am sure there are plenty who thought the Chiefs Super Bowl hopes had evaporated, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the rest of the Chiefs had other plans. This incredible game was overflowing with clues for us to consider, especially how we operate in our own lives. The lesson: never surrender – never give up!

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