Updates from Johnson County Community College: Adding math to the equation

The mathematics program at Johnson County Community College is a great way to hone your professional and personal mathematical skills.

Most jobs, no matter the industry, require a certain level of proficiency in math. Whether a student is interested in a career in the field of mathematics, or looking to fulfill required credits, JCCC’s math program will teach the skills needed in almost every career.

Program details

JCCC’s mathematics program offers courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. Additionally, math helps develop key analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Students can use math in a variety of professional ways, including:

  • Projecting a business’s profit and loss potential
  • Constructing a structurally safe building
  • Managing a budget
  • Understanding and filing taxes

Math is also an important part of our personal lives. Simple activities like cooking, shopping, managing time and even driving involve some form of mathematics. JCCC’s math courses cover everything from the fundamentals, to specialized topics, and prepares students for real-world application.

Why JCCC for math courses?

JCCC provides a range of valuable student services and personalized resources. Students can take advantage of:

  • Small class sizes allowing more 1-on-1 interactions with instructors
  • Face-to-face learning with on-campus math classes
  • The Math Resource Center where free tutoring and class assistance is available
  • Knowledgeable academic counselors to help map out degree paths

JCCC has transfer partnerships in place with more than 50 institutions across the country. Students can take a math class at JCCC to fulfill bachelor’s degree requirements at other colleges or universities.

For students studying closer to home, courses listed as “KBOR Seamless Transfer” in the catalog search will transfer directly to all Kansas public institutions that offer that course. Transfer counselors are available to help make the transition to another school easy and stress-free!

Take the next step

Although spring semester has started, there’s still time to take advantage of short-term classes. JCCC offers many math classes that start mid-semester and offer an accelerated alternative to a standard 16-week course. Explore all our class options and learn more about enrolling today!