How 4 private schools in and around Johnson County are handling latest COVID-19 surge

Local private schools, like public school districts, are taking different approaches to COVID-19 mitigation efforts this semester. Some schools, including The Barstow School near Leawood, are enforcing masks and even offering virtual learning. Image via The Barstow School Facebook page.

The Omicron variant made its way to the Kansas City area just as most schools let out for winter break in December.

All Johnson County public school districts in the Post’s coverage initially returned to in-person classes in the first week of January with optional mask rules in most older grades — but days later, brought mask mandates back for all students after a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases.

Local private schools have also been responding to the new surge in cases. In some cases, private schools are re-implementing universal mask rules and also going to hybrid learning, where students split time between virtual and in-person classes.