Your Community: Make an impact by volunteering

Volunteers are an integral part of Johnson County Library.

Many people have fond memories of visiting their local library. As a kid, trips to the local library were a magical occasion where you could pick out any book (or several!) and take it home with you. The library is where you fell in love with reading and where your imagination was allowed to run wild. And now that you’re older, your appreciation for all the library has to offer has grown. People of all ages have access to nearly unlimited information. The library has the resources to help you land that dream job, get your finances in order, dive deeper into that new hobby and expand your knowledge on topics you knew very little about.

Even if you weren’t directly impacted by the library, you recognize the importance each building has on the community. And a big reason why the library has such an impact is due to the generosity of volunteers.

Volunteers have always been an integral part of Johnson County Library. They help meet the needs of a library system that serves patrons from all over Johnson County and beyond. Volunteers help in dozens of ways: they shelve holds, assist genealogy patrons in research, process book donations, write book reviews, serve leadership roles on the Boards of Directors and more. You can be part of making a positive impact on others by volunteering.

Volunteering helps others but at the same time offers many great benefits:

  • Physical – volunteering helps keep the mind and body active
  • Social – it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests
  • Fine free status for most active volunteers
  • Volunteer activities such as
  • Facebook and Goodreads groups
  • Special invites to events
  • Book clubs featuring books picked by our volunteers

If you’re one of the many who have fond memories of the Library and want to make an impact in the community, consider volunteering. One-time, short-term, and regular volunteer opportunities are available. View the list of opportunities to learn how you can become a Library volunteer.

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