JoCo is set to get a winter storm this weekend — See if your city requires homeowners to shovel sidewalks

Johnson County sidewalk snow

Many cities in Johnson County require their residents to shovel snow and deice sidewalks adjacent to their property, with some municipal ordinances levying fines for those who don't. Filed image.

Johnson County and the Kansas City region are bracing for the first winter storm of the season this New Year’s weekend.

The National Weather Service field office in Pleasant Hill, Mo., now says the metro is likely to see a “wintry mix of sleet, snow, and a light glaze of freezing drizzle” starting early Saturday morning.

The precipitation is expected to be accompanied by bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills below zero throughout the weekend.

Areas north of Kansas City are expected to get much more snow — up to a foot in some areas — but Johnson County homeowners could still be breaking out their snow shovels or snow blowers as the calendar turns to 2022.

Here are some Johnson County cities’ rules about shoveling sidewalks in front of your property:

Overland Park’s reminder

The city says homeowners are responsible for shoveling their property and are also encouraged to clear public sidewalks adjacent to their property.

The city sent this Facebook reminder out in late October, in anticipation of the start to winter:

“Once snow does arrive, snow crews will be hard at work plowing City streets,” the city’s reminder said. “However, we could use your help with sidewalks. We request that you shovel sidewalks so pedestrians can safely use them.”

Through its city code and a resolution approved in 2010, Overland Park encourages residents to shovel and deice sidewalks adjacent to their property but does not require them to.

What other cities say about clearing sidewalks

In Roeland Park and Leawood, property owners are required to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours after the end of a snow or ice event.

Shawnee also requires residents to shovel their sidewalks within a 48-hour period after the snowfall ends. Citizens there could face fines up to $500 if they do no comply.

Mission also gives it property owners two full days to shovel after the snow or ice event ends, but there is no fee for non-compliance. The city will first give a courtesy notice to anyone has not shoveled but fees after that could be assessed for those who do not comply, running between $100 and $500.

Prairie Village requires their property owners to remove ice and snow from the sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours from the time snow and ice has stopped falling.

Lenexa does not have a specific ordinance that pertains to snow removal from sidewalks.

Correction: An earlier version of this story did not make clear that in Mission, following a courtesy notice, fees can be assessed for property owners who do not comply.