Mission makes it easier to sell and drink alcohol at downtown events — here’s what’s new

The city of Mission has created a common consumption area, loosening rules for selling and drinking alcohol in the city's downtown area. The move is aimed at making the sale of alcohol easier during events like Mission Market, the city's weekly farmers' market held during the summer, above. File image.

The city of Mission hopes to start allowing the public sale and consumption of alcohol during certain events in the city’s downtown area along Johnson Drive as soon as next year.

The Mission City Council earlier this month unanimously approved plans to establish a common consumption area in which the rules for the sale and consumption of alcohol will be loosened during events like the city’s summer farmers’ market.

The new common consumption area is generally bounded by Lamar Avenue on the west, Roeland Drive on the east, one block north of Johnson Drive on the north, and Martway Street on the south.

A map outlining the new common consumption area in downtown Mission. Image via Mission city documents.

In a committee meeting with the city council on Dec. 8, Assistant City Manager Emily Randel said establishing the new common consumption area could allow city to have more “flexibility and economy” to allow alcohol at events near businesses that are licensed to sell liquor.

In that same committee meeting, Randel added that the common consumption area also eliminates some of the burdensome steps the city and businesses licensed to sell liquor must take each time they wish to sell alcoholic beverages at an event.

The city and drinking establishments that wish to participate in the common consumption area can apply to the program through the state of Kansas, Randel noted.

The new common consumption area rules could impact events like Mission Market, the city’s farmers’ market held weekly during the summer months, which is hosted on the lawn near Capitol Federal Savings Bank.

The city will now apply for the permit sometime after Jan. 1, 2022, Randel noted.

Upon state approval, the city can then begin coordinating with licensed drinking establishments to review the city’s permit policies and begin reviewing event applications.

Alcoholic beverages would then be allowed in the common consumption area or in a part of it, depending on the event.

“I can see this being used in a number of scenarios, but in each case, it’s a much streamlined process from what we have in place now or the ability to do it now,” Randel said.

A recording of the committee meeting is below. Discussion begins at 1:14:40.