Yes, you smelled smoke in Johnson County after Wednesday’s storms — here’s why

The National Weather Services says the smell of smoke from wildfires centered around Russell County, Kansas, have been carried east towards Topeka, Lawrence and the Kansas City area. Above, the dark colored patch is a heat image of fires in Russell County. Image via National Weather Service.

After a powerful line of thunderstorms moved through Johnson County Wednesday night, a pungent odor of smoke could be smelled in the air outside.

The National Weather Service in Kansas City attributed the smell to fires that broke out earlier in the day in western and central Kansas.

Several communities in and around Russell County in western Kansas were evacuated Wednesday due to threats from wildfires that broke out on an abnormally warm and windy December day.

Closer to home, the Overland Park Fire Department addressed the issue of smokiness on its Twitter.

The department said their investigations had yet to turn up in active fire in Johnson County.

Reports of smokey smells came in from Olathe.

And from points further north.

KSHB reported much the same thing at around 7:30 p.m.