Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Check your vibe and change your life

Once you realize that your energy has a huge impact on those around you, you no longer have the option of being flippant about how you show up in the world.

There are 29 days left in the year! Can you believe it? It is truly insane how quickly each year ends and 2021 is no different. This begs an important question “What will our mindset be for the final days of the year?” This question is applicable in your home life, your business, your family etc. And all of you probably have your own answer to this question.

It is a well-known fact that many people – and I used to be one of them – absolutely hate the holidays and dread end of the year. Depression and anxiety run rampant during the holidays. But there is a way to combat the holiday blues! A good friend, Shawn D. Tate from Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty posted on social media the importance of bringing positive energy to all aspects of your life. Once you realize that your energy has a huge impact on those around you, you no longer have the option of being flippant about how you show up in the world. The folks who call Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty home are aware of this fact, and we work daily to bring positive energy into our work home.

Last Sunday, my family and I left for Vail for Thanksgiving. I didn’t check my vibe for the 10-hour car ride, which resulted in a pretty uncomfortable start to our holiday! After the dust had settled and my vibe was back in its proper place, my amazing 14-year-old asked me what was up earlier in the day. I shared with him my excuse for my less-than-positive attitude. Out of the mouths of babes he said: “I get it, but you should remember you are the leader of the family and when you act that way it impacts all of us.” Wow – I was not expecting that! It was said with the perfect blend of love, understanding and a demand for the best from his dad. This scenario is no different for each of you. You are the leaders of your family, your friendships, your colleagues and most importantly, yourselves!

Perhaps some of you are saying “Yeah well guess what? I am one of those people who struggle this time of year.” Understandable. I encourage you to start changing the script on how you show up for the holiday season. So how do you do this? The answer lies in something I like to call your “Top 10’s”. Your top 10’s are the 10 best things that have ever happened for you. For example, the birth of my first son Oscar Bash or Courtney Bash saying yes when I asked her to marry me are two of my top 10’s. Yours could be a similar milestone or something as simple as a walk on a beach with a friend or loved one. To keep your vibe in check, get your top 10 list together and keep it top of mind for the rest of December. Spend time visualizing what those moments looked like and felt like. Come up with a word that represents the emotion or feeling you had in that moment. Then…go be that moment for all that you come in contact. The more solid you are with your answers, the easier it will be to use them to check your vibe and return your mindset to a place of gratitude. Not just for the holidays, but for every one of the days that follow!

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