Son of man killed riding moped in Overland Park seeks settlement in wrongful death lawsuit

On Aug. 11, Wade Parsons was killed while operating a motorized scooter. He was struck by another vehicle that had run a red light at the intersection of 95th Street and Lowell Avenue in Overland Park, according to police. Photo credit Joe Gratz. Used under a Creative Commons license.

The son of a man killed in August while riding a motorized scooter in Overland Park is seeking a wrongful death settlement.

On the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 11, Wade Parsons was operating a moped when another vehicle hit him at the intersection of 95th Street and Lowell Avenue, a few blocks west of Metcalf Avenue.

At that time, Off. John Lacy with the Overland Park Police Department said the vehicle driving east on 95th Street ran a red light and crashed into the moped, which Parsons was steering south on Lowell Avenue.

Parsons was transported to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries. The driver of the vehicle stayed on the scene.

The driver was never charged in the incident.

Now, Parsons’ son, Jesse Parsons, has sued the driver, a Louisburg man, and is seeking a wrongful death settlement in Johnson County District Court.

In a court filing, Jesse Parsons notes that the driver was insured through American Family Insurance at the time of the wreck and that the insurer has “agreed to pay the applicable policy limits to resolve all claims … relating to the death of Wade Parsons.”

The filing also notes that Jesse Parsons is Wade Parsons’ “sole biological child.” Wade Parsons was unmarried at the time of his death, the filing says, making Jesse Parsons his father’s “sole heir.”

The parties are set to meet Tuesday, Nov. 23 to discuss a potential settlement.