Shawnee Mission North principal filed police report on same day students staged walkout

SM North walkout Nov. 8

The Shawnee Mission North High School principal filed a report with Overland Park Police on the morning of Nov. 8, the same day dozens of students walked out of class to show their frustration with what they perceived to be a lack of action regarding complaints about sexual harassment and assault on and off campus. The report pertained to in alleged incident of "battery knowing/recklessly causing bodily harm" that occurred on school grounds in October. Above, sophomore Alex Francises holds a "No means no" sign the day of the walkout. File photo.

The principal at Shawnee Mission North High School filed a report with Overland Park Police the same day dozens of students staged a walkout to express frustration with what they said was the school’s lack of action following their allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

SM North walkout
SM North students sit on the front law in the afternoon following the walkout — the same day a police report about an alleged battery was filed with the Overland Park Police Department. File photo.

The walkout occurred the morning of Monday, Nov. 8.

About 150 students walked across the street to the Filling Station coffee shop on Johnson Drive, many carrying signs with messages like, “No means no” and, “This is not a joke.”

Some students stayed outside on the school’s front lawn into the early afternoon.

That same morning just after 8:30 a.m., SM North Principal David Ewers filed a police report, according to a record of that report obtained by the Shawnee Mission Post through an open records request.

The Post received a copy of the front page of the offense report, which gives limited details as to the nature of the alleged offense, who filed it and when.

According to the offense report’s front page, the alleged incident occurred some time between Monday, Oct. 4 at 11 a.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 1 p.m., about a month before the student walkout.

The alleged offense is described in the report as “battery knowing/recklessly causing bodily harm” with a “personal weapon.”

Personal weapons can be body parts like hands, feet and teeth, according to the Kansas Incident Based Reporting System Handbook.

The offense occurred on school property, according to the report. Ewers is listed as the reporting party.

No type of injury was sustained, according to the report. The alleged victim is an acquaintance of the suspect.

Shawnee Mission’s Chief Communications Officer David Smith declined to comment about the police report. But Smith did say that if school staff — including administrators — believe a student has been a victim of abuse or neglect, they are required to report it.

On the day of the walkout, the Post spoke with several students who said they were frustrated that school officials, in their view, had not done anything in response to multiple reports of sexual assaults and harassment that had occurred both on and off campus.