Blue Beetle Pest Control converts old farmhouse on Metcalf into training center and paints it bright blue

Blue Beetle Pest Control

A historic farmhouse on Metcalf Avenue in north Overland Park is now painted bright blue after Leawood-based Blue Beetle Pest Control bought it and converted it into a training site for new technicians. Image courtesy Blue Beetle Pest Control.

A historic farmhouse at 6036 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park will soon be home to a new training academy for Blue Beetle Pest Control.

The training center will give new Blue Beetle technicians a place to learn the ropes through a simulated version of their typical day, including a fake house and actors to portray homeowners.

Company founder and owner Mitch Shipman said the new training center will serve the purpose of teaching employees about interacting with customers as well as what exterminations look like.

“It kind of runs them through the gamut before they get to the customer’s house,” Shipman said.

Shipman said he anticipates the training center will likely be officially up and running at the end of November.

The training center will have roughly three employees working there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Blue Beetle acquired the space a month ago, and since then, the company has put approximately $50,000 into renovating and making window and plumbing repairs in the historic farmhouse.

In addition to a new blue exterior, the farmhouse-turned-training academy also now features a blue 1968 Volkswagon Beetle with the company’s mascot behind the wheel.

Shipman said the expansion into Overland Park is also exciting for the Leawood-based company.

“It’s really to take those phenomenal people with great character that we find throughout the city and really sharpen their skillset on how to protect people’s houses from the tiny dangers of the world,” he said. “And how to make our customers super happy.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly gave the address of the new Blue Beetle Pest Control site as 3036 Metcalf Ave.