Updates from Johnson County Community College: Campus transformation plan

JCCC’s Campus Transformation Plan ensures an exceptional learning experience for current and future students.

In 2016, the JCCC Board of Trustees approved a Campus Transformation Plan that would ensure the JCCC campus continues to support student success and meet the needs of a growing local workforce. 

With a goal of creating 21st century learning environments, these remodel projects provide additional collaborative spaces and technology upgrades. Universal design principles, combined with a focus on sustainability, make the buildings more inclusive and align with the College’s mission and culture.

Completed projects

Today, students benefit from the exceptional Fine Arts & Design Studios (FADS), the state-of-the-art Hugh L. Libby Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC), a renovated gymnasium and an updated Welding, Construction and Machining Technology building. 

The Billington Library, one of JCCC’s original buildings, received major upgrades to all three floors. It is now home to JCCC’s Academic Resource Centers, which provide students with free tutoring and support in all academic areas, including math, science, reading and writing. 

Additionally, the Campus Transformation Plan relocated student-facing services to the lower floors of campus buildings to provide easier access and wayfinding. 

A newly built “front door” welcomes students to campus and opens up to the remodeled Student Center where Admissions Ambassadors are available to answer questions about student services and academic programs. 

Last, the completion of our outdoor athletics complex brings student athletes front and center on campus.

Current construction 

Continuing with the goal of providing state-of-the-art facilities for our students, crews have started reconstructing the Classroom Laboratory Building (CLB), which will house our Physical Science labs. After completion, they will upgrade the connecting Science (SCI) Building, which includes Environmental Science classes and Biology labs. 

An exciting part of this remodel is the creation of spaces dedicated to undergraduate research, which is a crucial component to STEM education. Students can utilize these centers to increase the scope and types of projects they take on. 

“Providing these opportunities to our students puts us at the forefront of community college education and gives our students skills and experiences that will serve them well in the future,” said Mary Wisgirda, Dean of Mathematics and Science.

Stay in the know

In the next few years, we anticipate wrapping up our Campus Transformation Plan by incorporating student involvement areas into several core buildings. For construction updates and additional campus news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram