Shawnee launching pilot property tax rebate program for low-income residents

Shawnee property taxes

Shawnee's new property tax rebate program will allow a 100% rebate up to $500 for qualifying residents who are designated to have low income as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The program would benefit low-income residents, many of whom live in eastern Shawnee. Above, a neighborhood on West 56th Terrace. File photo.

The city of Shawnee is officially launching a new city property tax rebate program for low-income residents.

After some discussion Monday, the Shawnee City Council unanimously approved the pilot program, which would allow a 100% rebate on the city portion of property taxes, up to $500, for residents who would qualify for the program.

The majority of funds for the program, about $98,000, are the remaining balance in the city’s 10 Quivira Community Improvement District Fund. Total funding allocation is $100,000, with the additional money coming from other city funding sources.