Briefly Noted: Merriam, two elementary schools give AdventHealth COVID-19 units treats, appreciation

AdventHealth COVID-19 team

The city of Merriam alongside Crestview and Merriam Park Elementary schools gave AdventHealth COVID-19 teams handwritten letters, posters and treats to show their appreciation. Above, one of the COVID-19 teams. Photo via city of Merriam Twitter.

Merriam, two elementary schools shower AdventHealth COVID-19 units with treats, appreciation

The city of Merriam, Crestview and Merriam Park Elementary schools recently showered five AdventHealth COVID-19 units with treats and appreciation.

Handmade posters, letters and treats were given to the five units earlier this week. The city tweeted that it, and the elementary schools, are appreciative of the work hospital staff has done “to help keep our community safe and healthy these past two years.”

AdventHealth responded with a “thank you.”

“We’re lucky to have such supportive partners in this community,” AdventHealth Kansas City wrote on Twitter.