Looking for haunted Halloween home decorations? You can hit these 3 JoCo spots in one easy car trip

Want to get some last-minute frights around Johnson County. Here are some amazingly spooky Halloween home displays that you may want to check out before it is too late. Photo credit Nikki Lansford.

With only a few days left before Halloween, some or our readers may be seeking ways to get those last-minute thrills in before the spooky season is over.

And what better way to do so than touring some local Halloween houses? They may not, in fact, be haunted, but they sure look like they could be

Here are three houses in Johnson County whose owners have gone above and beyond with their Halloween decorations this year and the Post recommends you check them out before dawn comes on Nov 1.

All these locations are within a roughly 10-minute drive of each other, so families can see each of these three houses in a single scary car trip if they want.

If you know of other spooky home displays, send us your recommendations with a street location and preferably an image to stories@shawneemissionpost.com.

Haunted house garage

Located 8825 Dunraven Street in Lenexa, this house is sure to give its patrons a bit of a fright on Halloween.

The front yard features a spooky graveyard scene with skeletons, zombies and tomb stones galore.

Nevertheless, it is the garage that will most likely be the main attraction on Halloween Night as it will transform into a small haunted house for trick-or-treaters.

This house won second place in Lenexas Fall-O-Ween Yard Tour competition in the “Halloween” category this year.

Spectacle of figurines

Do you love all those large and expensive animatronics you see when walking into any Halloween store? Then this scary house is for you!

Sitting at the corner of 50th Terrace and Brownridge Drive in Shawnee, this display features dozens of phantasmagoric characters littering its lawn, in addition to a large graveyard site.

The house features not one, but two, 12-foot-tall skeletons as part of their display and intricate lighting to create a spooky ambiance at night.

Make sure to look closely if you decide to take a visit, as there is something to see in every corner of the lawn.

Haunted house scavenger hunt

The house at 24411 W. 79th Terrace in Lenexa has it all as the front yard is a kid friendly environment, while the back is for those looking for a little more of a real scare.

In the front, skeletons are arranged in a whimsical display, with some on a pirate ship and another driving a hearse, pulled by a horse skeleton. There’s even a miniature dog skeleton rousting about in the grass.

Then, in the back, there are several displays of classic horror, from zombies to ghosts to Michael Meyers, the “Halloween” movie villain.

For some additional fun, this haunted house offers a scavenger hunt in which patrons can go around and find everything on a list.

This house took first place in the Halloween category in Lenexa’s Fall-O-Ween Tour.