Overland Park considers extending e-bike pilot program and could also add rental scooters

Overland Park's 18-month e-bike pilot project comes to an end this November. Feedback from citizens showed that some residents were happy with the e-bikes being available on select city trails, but they worried about the speeds some riders took along with trail etiquette. The city council's Community Development committee will vote whether to reinstate the program once more at their Nov. 3 meeting. Filed image.

Overland Park experiment with electric bikes received mixed reviews from residents, as the city’s 18-month pilot program nears an end this November.

The pilot project allowed certain types of motorized bikes on trails throughout Overland Park. With the project’s end date approaching, the city council’s Community Development committee on Wednesday heard a report about the pilot’s impact, including citizen feedback.

The report concluded that there are some concerns with how the e-bike program currently runs, but overall, seem to appreciate having the bikes in the area.