5 to Try — The Post wants your picks for best playgrounds in Johnson County

The playground at Meadowbrook Park in Prairie Village, which opened in 2019, is billed as a "treeline adventure" destination for kids and families. The Post wants our readers' suggestions for best playgrounds in Johnson County for kids to burn off some excess post-summer energy. File image.

It’s officially fall in Johnson County.

And that means the likelihood of a few blessed weeks of “Goldilocks” weather, where its neither too hot nor too cold to enjoy some outdoor activity with the family. Just some crisp fall air, piles of leaves and a bit of golden autumn light.

That’s why this week’s Post “5 to Try” goes away from the culinary theme of the past few weeks, and asks Johnson County parents and kids alike: what are the best playgrounds around?

A few new notable playgrounds have gone up in recent years, including one at Meadowbrook Park in Prairie Village heralded as a “tree line adventure” destination for small citizens.

But we’re also looking for your suggestions for more secluded, out-of-the-way spots, far from the madding crowds of little ones, where a family can enjoy a quiet Saturday morning or a quick after-school romp outdoors.

To send us your ‘5 to Try’ suggestions this week and each week after this, you can: 

Each Friday, we’ll publish our readers’ suggestions for what made it into our ‘5 to Try.’

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