Corinth Quarter in Prairie Village adds ‘infrared sauna’ studio as tenant

infrared sauna

Nashville-based CYL Sauna Studio is heading to Prairie Village as the first luxury infrared sauna studio in the metro, according to franchise owner Amanda Tinsley, above, She said she believes in the brand — and wanted to bring the up-and-coming service to her hometown. Photo courtesy Amanda Tinsley.

CYL Sauna Studio, a Nashville-based luxury infrared sauna studio, is heading to Prairie Village’s Corinth Quarter this fall.

Owner Amanda Tinsley first tried the sauna studio when visiting her sister in Lexington, Ky. Although the first time proved to be mentally difficult — laying down and sweating for 30 minutes — Tinsley said the benefits became clear after a few visits.

“After I went three or four, five times, I was like, ‘Wow, there’s really something to this,’” Tinsley said. “ I was sleeping better and then it’s like you allow that to process through your mind. It’s calming. It really started to help in my own workout recovery.”

The studio is moving next door to Sopra Salon and Spa at 4075 W. 83rd Street, and is aiming for a Nov. 1 opening, Tinsley said.

It will be the first luxury infrared sauna studio in the state, she said.

What is an infrared sauna?

At CYL Sauna, Tinsley says customers will have a private suite with a tanning bed-style sauna pod for a 30-minute treatment at their desired temperature.

As opposed to a more traditional sauna, which uses a heat source (like hot rocks) to warm the air, an infrared sauna raises temperature by using light to directly warm a person’s body in an enclosed space.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some studies have “found evidence of some benefit” from infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems like Type 2 diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure but that “more rigorous studies are needed to confirm these results.”

The Mayo Clinic says “no adverse effects” from the use of infrared saunas have been reported.

Tinsley says her infrared sauna will allow customers to sweat just by laying down, providing benefits like detoxification, anti-aging, lower blood pressure, stress reduction and more.

Amanda Tinsley and CYL pod
At CYL Sauna Studio, guests are given a private suite featuring a pod. Above, Tinsley prepares a pod for a use. Photo courtesy Amanda Tinsley.

When she decided to move back to Kansas City after a 19-year corporate career, Tinsley — who has always wanted to be in “boutique fitness” — said she knew she wanted to bring CYL Sauna Studio to the metro.

Prairie Village stood out to her, specifically Corinth Quarter, because of the city’s emphasis on health, she said.

“There are so many things that are walkable and I love that shopping area,” Tinsley said. “It’s all geared toward health and wellness. The local health-minded customer is really going to love that area where I’m at because there’s a Club Pilates and a salon and healthy food and a juice bar.”

Tinsley said ahead of the Nov. 1 opening, there will be discounted rates for “founding members.”

To be locked into that rate, visit CYL Kansas City Facebook or Instagram, or email Tinsley directly at