Prairie Village’s new and improved Harmon Park skate park is now officially open — here’s what it looks like

Harmon Park skate park

Skaters, young and old, are enjoying the revamped Harmon Park skate park in Prairie Village. The city held an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 15, to formally welcome the skate community, though city staff says the park has been packed since it opened on Sept. 10. Photo credits Juliana Garcia.

The revamped skate park at Prairie Village’s Harmon Park, 7710 Mission Road, is officially open.

After a summer of reconstruction, the new and improved park welcomed skaters from across the Kansas City metro on Wednesday, Sept. 15, to celebrate the opening.

The concrete from the original 2005 park — which was created with the help of then-eighth graders Jake Shepard and Andy Peterson — had been deteriorating for years, and the city decided to work with Canadian firm Newline Skateparks to design a new one.

Kanten Russell, former professional skater and Newline’s lead designer, flew in from San Diego to attend the event.

Russell said being present at the ribbon cutting allowed him to “be in the trenches” and get feedback from the local skate community.

So far, Russell said feedback has been positive. (City officials say skaters have been coming to the park since last week.)

Russell added that some commenters in the Kansas City skate community online are calling the new Harmon Park skate park the best in the metro.

Below is a look at how skaters — and onlookers, including Prairie Village officials — took in the park at its official grand opening Wednesday.

Skater glides over steps
About 100 people showed up to the ribbon cutting, which ended with a demonstration from Kansas City skateboard shop Escapist Skateboarding.
Other skaters, like the ones pictured above, watched Escapist’s demonstration in awe.
Skater uses quarter pipe
There are several amenities to use at the park, such as the quarter pipe above.
There is also a more flat area for skaters who are still learning how to do tricks. Above, a skater uses the lower-level area of the park.
Grand opening pic
About halfway through the event, Prairie Village Mayor Eric Mikkelson (center with thumbs up), Public Works Director Keith Bredehoeft (center red shirt) and Kanten Russell of Newline Skateparks (center-right, next to Bredehoft), all spoke to the crowd. The ceremonial portion of the event ended with a ribbon cutting.
Russell, above, spoke to the crowd about the new park, and how much designing skate parks means to him and the Newline team.
But the focus was back to skating quickly, with skaters and kids like the ones above eager to use the park.