Johnson County parks board approves diversity statement, nearly unchanged from draft criticized by commissioner

JCPRD diversity

The Johnson County Park and Recreation District board last month sent a draft diversity and inclusion statement back for more comment and consideration after county commissioner Charlotte O'Hara criticized the draft version, likening it to "critical race theory." The final version the board approved unanimously Wednesday was practically unchanged, adding only one word to describe systemic barriers some people face trying to access park facilities. File image.

After a month of reconsideration, the county park district board approved a diversity and inclusion statement almost identical to one a county commissioner had decried as promoting “critical race theory.”

The unanimous vote let most of the original language stand that had been criticized by Johnson County Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara a month ago.

The statement recognizes that certain barriers exist that create disparities among the public. The only significant change was the addition of “physical” to the types of barriers that may limit opportunities of some people, including access to park facilities.