Prairie Village greenlights preliminary Meadowbrook Shopping Center redevelopment

Meadowbrook Shopping Center rendering

Developers are proposing facade updates and construction of a new two-story, 14,000-square-foot daycare at Meadowbrook Shopping Center off 95th Street and Nall Avenue in Prairie Village. The city council unanimously approved the preliminary plan on Tuesday evening. Above, image of a proposed rendering of the project via city documents.

The city of Prairie Village on Tuesday evening approved a preliminary redevelopment plan for Meadowbrook Shopping Center, 5300 W. 95th Street.

Meadowbrook Shopping Center
The shopping center redevelopment plan includes facade updates and a new two-story day care center. Above, the shopping center as it currently looks.

A new two-story, 14,000-square-foot day care center, an adjacent playground and facade updates are all in the plans for the shopping center redevelopment, which sits on the extreme southwest corner of Prairie Village’s city limits, adjacent to Overland Park.

Eric Gonsher, a representative for Kansas City-based developer R.H. Johnson Company, said the project is important, especially to him, since he grew up not far from the shopping center.

“It’s our goal to not just redevelop the center, but to really create a sense of place to tap into the vision plan you all have put into place and provide connectivity to the Meadowbrook [Park] project,” Gonsher said.

The planning commission last month unanimously approved the preliminary plan despite concerns with traffic flow and security. The plan’s approval came with a number of conditions, including the following:

  • No building permits will be issued until public works okay’s any drainage study or a permit.
  • The applicant plants 65 to 70 shrubs along the 95th Street parking lot perimeter. Eight trees will also be added along the road.
  • Future signage will meet city sign standards.

Gonsher said, in response to a question from Councilmember Courtney McFadden on Tuesday, that current tenants have already been contacted about the redevelopment plan. This is in an effort to “accommodate as many” current tenants as the company can, Goshner said.

McFadden said the redevelopment of the site “is welcomed.”

“This area absolutely needs a little love, and I’m so thankful this is coming before us and grateful for the attention,” McFadden said.

The city council on Tuesday unanimously approved the preliminary plan to remake Meadowbrook Shopping Center with no further discussion.

Before a final plan can be approved, R.H Johnson and Klover Architects are to discuss traffic flow, security and daycare capacity prior to going before the planning commission, per the August meeting.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Eric Gonsher’s name.