5 to Try — The Post wants your picks for best ice cream treats in Johnson County

We want to hear what your favorite ice cream treats in Johnson County are. It could be something like this cheesecake soft serve with blueberry sauce, shortbread and torched meringue from Fairway Creamery. Image via Fairway Creamery Instagram.

Summer, alas, is winding down.

Labor Day, often marked as the unofficial end to the summer season, has come and gone.

But we at the Post want to hang on for just a bit longer. (Or at least until the official end of summer on Sept. 21, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.)

And what better way to enjoy the waning days of summer than going out for a nice cold ice cream treat!

5 to Try

With that in mind, the Post is launching a new weekly feature we’re calling ‘5 to Try.’

Each week, we’ll ask for our readers’ suggestions for five things to try around Johnson County.

It could be food, drinks, day drips and other diversions. The possibilities are endless.

We aim to make this our way of giving you ideas of things to do, connect with your local community and get the most out of this place we all call home.

So, for our very first ‘5 to Try,’ tell us what ice cream treats to try in Johnson County.

The more specific your suggestions, the better. So, we encourage you to give us not just the name of a place you like, but also a particular frozen treat you love to get when you’re there.

Like the cheesecake soft serve ice cream with blueberry sauce, shortbread and torched meringue, from Fairway Creamery featured at the top of this post.

To send us your ‘5 to Try’ suggestions this week and each week after this, you can: 

Each Friday, we’ll publish our readers’ suggestions for what made it into our ‘5 to Try.’