Roeland Park Police say man shot himself in foot while ‘playing with a shotgun’ in Walmart parking lot

A white SUV parked outside the ER at a St. Luke's Community Hospital location on Johnson Drive in Roeland Park Monday night. Police say the vehicle showed up at the hospital after a man accidentally shot himself in the foot in the parking lot of a nearby Walmart on Roe Avenue.

Roeland Park Police say a man suffered non-life-threatening injuries after the negligent discharge of a shotgun Monday evening.

Recorded radio traffic indicates a witness called police about 9:30 p.m. reporting she saw a man shoot himself in the parking lot of Walmart, 5150 Roe Avenue.

The man was inside of a white SUV that was last seen traveling eastbound through the parking lot.

Roeland Park Police Chief John Morris says the SUV then showed up at the St. Luke’s Community Hospital, 4720 Johnson Drive, minutes later.

Morris says the man was with his friends and “playing with a shotgun” when it was fired.

“It was one of those careless, reckless things,” Morris said. “He dropped it, went to grab it, and shot himself in the foot.”

Chief Morris says several other people were inside of the SUV when the shot was fired. No other injuries were reported.

“The individual was just showing off with a loaded gun,” Morris said. “He paid the consequences for it.”