New day care center opens in western Shawnee — a ‘much needed service’ as more parents return to work

Kindercare Shawnee

Woodsonia KinderCare opened earlier this month in western Shawnee as a childcare center that can serve up to 144 children. Center officials say they are prioritizing safety and require anyone 5 years and older in the building to wear a mask. Photo credit Woodsnia KinderCare.

KinderCare, a national chain of early childhood education and day care centers, opened a new location  earlier this month in a growing part of western Shawnee.

Located at 5410 Woodsonia Drive just off Johnson Drive, Woodsonia KinderCare opened Monday, Aug. 2.

Kim Isabell, the center’s director, said Woodsonia’s team is excited to provide childcare options for families relocating to a growing part of Johnson County.

“We were really stoked to kind of start with a little bit of a smaller group just for our kiddos who are readjusting to life within a center, and we’ve just been growing by a few kids every few days,” Isabell said. “And we are just really excited to be open for the community and providing a much needed service for the people in our area.”

As more parents return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, KinderCare hopes to offer a safe place for children to stay, learn and play, said Emily Snyder, associate communications manager for KinderCare, citing a recent Yale study that shows the importance of rigorous health and safety practices.

Anybody over age 5 is required to wear a mask at the center in Shawnee.

“We are just really excited to be open for the community and providing a much needed service for the people in our area,” said Kim Isabell, the center’s director. Photo credit Woodsonia KinderCare.

“We know parents need support,” Snyder said in an email. “We also know the benefits of child care can be significant.”

The center can serve children from six weeks old to age 12, with a maximum capacity of 144 children. Some facility features include both outdoor play areas and a small gymnasium for indoor play.

Isabell said they still have openings for more children and are looking for qualified teachers to meet growth demands.

Some local child care centers have experienced a teacher shortage, but Isabell said they have staffing to meet the current level of demand.

Isabell previously worked with children who have special needs, according to a press release.

She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in early childhood from the University of Wyoming.

Isabell said KinderCare offers a variety of academic and social learning opportunities for children.

“We work to build the kiddos to be super well-rounded individuals and build their confidence for life,” Isabell said.

Woodsonia KinderCare will host a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Aug. 28, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A virtual tour of the center is available here.