Your Community: Lightbox takes learning to a new level

Lightbox, available at, has more than 1,000 interactive books online for grades K-12.

It can be challenging to make learning fun and engaging for students, especially with so many other distractions vying for their attention. Reading printed text out of a book can be underwhelming when trying to understand a new concept or gain a true understanding of a topic. Lightbox brings a new way for kids to read and learn with interactive eBooks. Learning is brought to life with audio, videos, slideshows and more on each page.

Lightbox has more than 1,000 interactive books online for grades K-12. Every spread comes with digital features that are age and grade appropriate. Topics cover math, science, social studies, language arts and more. Each title has a suggested reading level (K-10) and interest level (K-12), and some titles are also provided in Spanish. New material is added throughout the year, so be sure to check back for fresh and exciting content. Lightbox is available online with a computer or mobile device, no downloads required.

Every page offers a mix of content for the topic with:

  • audio narration
  • videos
  • slideshows
  • quizzes
  • key words
  • interactive maps
  • printable activities
  • supplemental streaming media
  • weblinks to additional information

Titles for grades 9-12 also incorporate primary sources and historical documents such as letters, diaries, speeches and newspaper articles. All Lightbox content is based on national curriculum standards.

Take the fun and excitement of learning to a new level with Lightbox, accessible now on

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