Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Flex on ALS with Scott Smith

Photo courtesy Smith family.

By Andrew Bash

“We make plans and God laughs”- Scott Smith

Scott Smith is a stranger. Well, I am a stranger to Scott, and yet I consider him my friend. While we have never met, his story is available for anyone to see. His Instagram is @scottfightsals.

One morning as I lay in bed, trying to decide between getting up to work out or waste more time on Instagram, I came across a post from my friend, Andrea Morgan. She had posted a photo of her flexing with #flexonALS. Being a fan of rabbit holes, down I went to discover this amazing guy named Scott Smith.

Like myself, Scott is a small business owner and he has recently been diagnosed with ALS. I sent a quick message of support and went along my merry way. Scott and his wife, Jamie, had just welcomed a baby sister, Hope, for their daughter, Iris. I was extremely moved, yet little action was taken on my part. If I remember correctly, I did get on the Peloton out of gratitude and a small amount of “better him than me.”

Fast forward to Monday morning. Groundhog Day. In bed, attempting motivation while Instagram slowly sucked it away. A post from Scott shows up in my feed, with the most amazingly beautiful and painful photo of Iris kissing Scott with his CPAP machine around his face. You should check out @scottfightsals.

Andrew Bash of Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty.

Scott’s story is for him to tell. However, the inspiration, the empathy, the love and the admiration I had for him was overwhelming. Imagine dedicating your whole life to the health and wellness of others, to be challenged by something which removes your ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe.

So what does this have to do with Home? Everything. We are in this life together. We are all brothers and sisters. The opportunities to be kind and compassionate are all around us, and yet, oftentimes we choose something else. Perhaps its apathy, self-absorption, judgment, gossip, criticism, complaining or (enter your favorite way to stay disconnected from others here).

Home is not about the four walls and the roof above your head. Home is about the sacred journey of finding the connection between each other. Those that we know and love and those that we don’t know or love. Small business owners have the hardest falls when crisis hits. This city is our Home. This community is our Home. This man, who has been handling his diagnosis like nothing I have ever seen, is a fellow citizen in our Home.

My small ask is that anyone reading this is to go follow Scott and Jamie on social media. Spread the word. Make a donation to help a fellow brother and sister out: Fundraiser for Jamie Smith by Katie Keys: Flex On ALS ( Jamie and Scott are two of the most inspiring people in Kansas City. Take the time to read his blog entries. Then you will understand why I consider him a friend without him knowing.

Sending a note of encouragement seemed like enough back in May. It doesn’t seem like enough today. I have a feeling Scott and Jamie are feeling a bit tired but still fighting – and fighting hard. Please go show them some love and tag your friends and family to do the same.

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