Plans for a giant solar farm in southwest Johnson County are advancing — here’s what we know

Johnson County solar farm

A Florida-based company is moving forward with plans to build what would be the biggest commercial solar farm in the state of Kansas, west of Gardner in southwest Johnson County. The West Gardner Solar Project would encompass at least 2,000 acres and is projected to generate 320 megawatts of power, potentially enough to power tens of thousands of homes. Photo of solar panels unrelated to the West Gardner project by Unsplash. Used under a Creative Commons license.

County planners and landowners are getting ready for a radically different type of farm planned for the area west of Gardner.

Once it’s operational, the West Gardner Solar Project by NextEra Energy will be the largest such solar farm in the state, and a new type of energy-producing sight for Kansans more accustomed to seeing spinning wind turbines and nodding oil pumpers on the prairie.

Some 2,000 acres have already been signed for the project, which is expected to generate 320 megawatts of power and could be online by 2023.