Prairie Village’s Notes to Self Socks celebrates 10 years of giving ‘shots of belief’ to wearers

Laura Schmidt of 'notes to self socks'

Laura Schmidt, owner of 'notes to self socks,' says the 10-year milestone the company hit on July 20 is helping her reflect on what's changed — and strategize for what's to come. Photo credit Lesley Bohm.

Laura Schmidt considers what she and her team do at ‘notes to self’ socks a mission.

Schmidt’s positive message sock company, based in Prairie Village,  celebrated its 10th anniversary on July 20.

Each pair of socks  features an affirmation like, “I Am Brave,” “Believe” or “Confidence.”

The idea first came about in 2011 on a family road trip, Schmidt says.

Riding as a passenger in the vehicle, she had her feet propped up on the dashboard. She said she looked at them and recalled an article about how people are more receptive to positive affirmations right before or after sleep.

And for Schmidt, it’s the words that make an impact.

“The words on the socks are a tool that help people think better thoughts or provide encouragement, or allow somebody to say something to someone without maybe having the confidence to say it,” Schmidt said.

Pairs of ‘notes to self’ socks — which feature hundreds of different affirmations — can be found in stores nationwide and online.

By the end of the month, the company will have donated more than 100,000 pairs of socks to homeless and women’s shelters as well as children.

Schmidt said the connections she has made with customers is the most memorable part of the last decade.

Most notably, she said, is when customers share stories about being gifted a pair of ‘notes to self’ socks. The socks serve as a reminder of the person who gifted them, almost as if the gift-giver is providing the wearer with “comfort, encouragement or a shot of belief,” she said.

The ‘notes to self’ socks team and Schmidt celebrated the milestone with dinner and pickleball, and Schmidt said she’s been reflecting on the 10-year milestone. Now, Schmidt said she’s thinking about what the next decade looks like for ‘notes to self’ socks.

“I’m really trying to think about what is the most strategic way we can share positivity with the world and how many more peoples’ lives we can impact in a positive way in the next decade,” Schmidt says.