Work on Aspiria project at former Sprint campus in Overland Park has begun — here’s what we know


Drivers passing the former Sprint campus along Nall Avenue may have noticed sizable mounds of rubble on a site adjacent to the Jewish Community Center. Developers say they have begun work to level the ground there in preparation for construction of the first phase of the massive 200-acre Aspiria development. Photo credit Kyle Palmer.

Drivers in Overland Park near the former Sprint campus may have recently noticed work being done near 117th Street and Nall Avenue. Or at least the result of it.

From Nall, giant mounds of rubble can be seen piled up on a grassy lot next to the Jewish Community Center.

Those mounds represent the start of work to remake the former Sprint site into the vast mixed-use development dubbed Aspiria, a project which will likely take years to fully complete.

Here’s what we know:

What work is going on now?

  • The work happening at 117th and Nall is preliminary “ground-leveling” work making way for future construction, says Chad Stafford with Occidental Management, the Wichita-based developer in charge of the Aspiria project.
  • That space near 117th and Nall is part of the first of at least three planned phases of development on the entire former Sprint campus.
  • Stafford says the rock that can be seen piled up on the site currently will be used in future construction of ponds planned for the site.
Work on Aspiria is planned to go in phases over the coming years. Phase 1 encompasses the red area on this map, presented to the Overland Park Planning Commission during its March meeting. Developers have begun “ground leveling” work in the Phase 1 area near 117th and Nall. Image via Overland Park Planning Commission.

What will eventually be built there?

  • It’s not totally clear yet.
  • The entire 207-acre former Sprint site has been rezoned for mixed-use development, giving developers some flexibility in what eventually is built.
  • Plans presented to the city of Overland Park have included more than 1 million square feet of office space, 380,000 square feet of retail, hundreds of apartment units and a hotel.
  • Stafford said Occidental is also working with an unnamed “large-scale, family entertainment group” who may be interested in coming to the Aspiria site.
former Sprint campus
A rendering of what the Aspiria project could look like once completed, looking northwest from the corner of 119th and Nall. The area currently being cleared near 117th and Nall can be seen represented in the upper righthand corner of this rendering. Immediately to the left (where the softball and baseball fields can be seen) is the Jewish Community Center, which will remain where it is, essentially surrounded by Aspiria. Image via Occidental Management.

How long will the project take?

  • Short answer: don’t hold your breath.
  • Stafford said that Occidental is planning on a “7 to 10 year” timeline for the entire Aspiria project.
  • The area near 117th and Nall, again, is part of the first phase of that development.
  • Stafford said residents could start seeing actual buildings go up on the site near 117th and Nall in 12 to 18 months.
Occidental Management says rock dug up as part of the current leveling work will be repurposed during construction on the Aspiria site, likely used around planned ponds on the development. Photo credit Kyle Palmer.

Will traffic be impacted?

  • It could be, though right now Nall is not obstructed.
  • City officials have raised concerns about the development’s potential impacts on traffic.
  • The city council earlier this year denied Occidental’s request to access roads along Nall between 115th and 119th, after city staff warned such a move could impede traffic along Nall.