Latest wreck marks 10th at Glenwood and 91st since Overland Park deactivated traffic signals

A motorcycle-SUV collision Sunday marked the 10th accident at 91st and Glenwood since Overland Park deactivated a traffic signal there last fall. Submitted photo.

Overland Park police on Sunday responded to a motorcycle-SUV collision at 91st and Glenwood — the 10th accident at that intersection since the city first deactivated traffic signals there in October 2020.

A motorcyclist with a passenger was traveling westbound on 91st Street at approximately 10:55 a.m. when an SUV facing south at the stop sign on Glenwood entered the intersection and struck the bike, according to Overland Park police.

“The driver and rider of the motorcycle suffered road rash but should recover from their injuries,” said Overland Park Public Information Officer John Lacy in an email. “The driver did receive a citation for failure to yield.”

Neighborhood residents raised safety concerns months ago

Overland Park started testing the deactivation of two traffic signals along 91st Street in October 2020 after staff recommended their removal on the grounds that the amount of traffic along the stretch did not justify having lights there. Between Oct. 22, 2020 – when the lights were switched from standard red-yellow-green mode to flashing stop or yield signal mode — and Jan. 5, 2021, there were five accidents at the Glenwood intersection. Those wrecks prompted a fresh wave of pushback from neighborhood residents, who said the street is too busy for pedestrians to cross safely without a full traffic signal in place.

Nevertheless, the city council’s public works committee recommended full removal of the signals in February, a recommendation adopted by the full council on a 10-2 vote in March.

According to Lacy, of the accidents that have taken place at the Glenwood intersection since last fall, five have been injury accident and five have been non-injury.

Donna Palatas is a neighborhood resident who has organized petitions trying to get the lights reinstalled. She said the latest wreck adds to the growing evidence that the present set up isn’t safe.

“I think it is time for the city to restore the traffic lights at 91st and Glenwood due to the number of crashes there and because the city has now announced the plan for pickleball and food vendors nearby at 91st and Metcalf, which I think will increase traffic in the area,” she said.

The Overland Park Planning Commission is set to consider the final development plan proposed for the entertainment venue adjacent to the Promontory Development near 91st and Metcalf.