Overland Park to explore making popular farmers’ market a year-round event

People shop at the Overland Park farmers' market

An Overland Park city council committee on Wednesday approved letting city staff begin the process of exploring ways to make the farmers' market downtown more flexible for year-round use, including potentially enclosing the open-air pavilion (above, in pre-pandemic times) or partnering with a developer or other private businesses. File photo.

Overland Park city councilmembers sought to reassure the public Wednesday that no redesign of the Overland Park Farmers’ Market will happen without extensive public input.

After a disagreement about how and when that input will happen, a council committee green lit having city staff seek ideas about how the market’s space at its downtown pavilion could be made more flexible for year-round use.

The decision to go forward will be the first step in what is likely to be a long process that could end in any number of possibilities for the future of the market area.