‘Warehouse paradise’ — corporate video sparks Johnson County neighbors’ anger over Edgerton development

Edgerton warehouse

A 2017 internal corporate Christmas video produced by NorthPoint has angered some opponents of the company's plan to build nearly 10 million square feet of warehouse space in southern Johnson County. In one of the video's scenes, NorthPoint president Chad Meyer, above, is seen flashing dollar bills as revised lyrics to the rap song 'Gangsta's Paradise' mention the warehouse project. Image courtesy Protect Rural JoCo Vimeo account.

A slickly produced corporate video that includes footage of NorthPoint Development staff on vacation in the south Pacific and a company executive jokily flashing $100 bills as a rap song plays has angered opponents of the company’s plan to build a massive tract of warehouses near Edgerton.

The 2017 internal company Christmas video came at a time when NorthPoint, based in Kansas City, Mo., north of the river, was asking for public tax incentives for its industrial developments in southern Johnson County.