Bee Organized: “If you organize your kitchen, you can organize your life!”

Is there any better feeling than having well organized kitchen?

Why not take action in the heart-of-the-home…the kitchen! We all spend valuable time in this space, which is why it’s vital to make this space function for you and your family. Having an organized kitchen and pantry is much more than pretty containers with labels or having your spices lined-up in perfect order. It doesn’t matter if your space is tiny or large, the benefits of having a well organized system in the kitchen will save you time, money, reduce stress and cleaning and will make time spent in your kitchen happy and productive!

  1. Purge the kitchen/pantry: The purge is always the first order of business. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to do a hefty purge of everything in the kitchen. What’s lurking in the back of your cupboards, pantries, drawers, and freezer? Get ruthless and touch everything! Ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve used, tasted, cooked with or needed each item? Did you know the average family only uses 20% of what is in the kitchen 80% of the time? Think about it, you probably use the same 5-8 spices every time you cook. How many pans do you have? Utensils? And do you really need all those cookbooks? Get rid of anything taking up valuable real estate!
  2. Use your Primary Real Estate: Did you know that every room in your home has what we call Primary Real Estate? All too often we find bread makers and forgotten fondue pots sitting center stage in a pantry, while commonly used items require stools or far reaches to access. The next step in creating a kitchen that supports your family is to make sure all frequently used items are ready for action within arms reach. Make your space work for you and the way you prepare, cook and entertain by reserving your Primary Real Estate for commonly used items.
  3. An organized pantry is a thing of beauty.

    Everything has a home: In any space, things inevitably become cluttered quickly when they don’t have a home. When you cram things into a drawer or cabinet, over time the space becomes a disorganized mess. To start, look around your kitchen and group similar items together. Once you’ve purged and gotten rid of duplicates, you must contain and label these items. Then find a home for the containers! Remember, you can’t put something away if it doesn’t have a home, otherwise you’re just stashing stuff, creating clutter and disorder in your space. Once you’ve gained control of your kitchen, the best way to maintain order is to practice new daily habits that will stack up to make huge changes in this precious space and ultimately in your head and heart. Here’s a few suggested habits to put into action in your kitchen this week:

    • Clear and wipe your horizontal surfaces nightly. You will be so grateful in the morning!
    • Spend five minutes a day tidying and maintaining specific spaces on a rotating basis (that’s over 30 minutes of organizing you can sneak into a week!)
    • Force yourself to use pantry or freezer items you stocked up on due to the pandemic in new recipes rather than going to the store.
    • Place a small box or basket in your closet to house items you want to donate. When it is full, take it to a favorite donation site right away!
    • Take note throughout the week of the kinds of items that may seem to collect on the kitchen counter. Do all of these items have assigned homes? Does everyone in the house know the assigned homes? Sometimes seasons or activities change and bring along new items that need to be given a home.

If you’re on a roll and ready to tackle other spaces in your home, here’s our Spring Organizing Checklist to clear out the clutter and feel renewed peace and calm in your home and heart. It’s an amazing feeling to Bee Organized!

And now for something fun! Take our Organizing Profile Quiz and find out who you are in relation to your stuff – your answers may surprise you!

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