Goddard Street in Shawnee between 55th and Johnson Drive to undergo major work

Goddard Street Shawnee

Shawnee is planning to widen Goddard Street, above, between 55th and Johnson and move the sidewalk to the west side of the road. Photo credit Leah Wankum.

The city of Shawnee is planning to redo Goddard Street between 55th Street and Johnson Drive.

City staff and project consultants conducted a virtual public meeting in late April to discuss the scope of the project.

The stretch of Goddard, like many older neighborhoods in eastern Shawnee, has a slightly narrow roadway, a sidewalk directly on the edge of the street and ditches to capture stormwater. The road also has limited street lighting.

Goddard Street between 55th Street and Johnson Drive. Image Courtesy Google Maps.

Conceptual details for the project show that the city will probably widen the road, move the sidewalk from the east to the west side and add a stormwater management system below ground.

City staff said the ditches along the street collect stormwater, often resulting in “ponding” and pools of water after a heavy rainfall.

Project details: The project is in the design phase through August, then the city will relocate utilities this fall and winter.

Construction is slated to begin in spring 2022 with anticipated completion that fall.

Conceptual design details include:

  • Full depth roadway replacement
  • Widening lanes from about 11 to 12 feet
  • Add curb and gutter and curb inlets to manage stormwater
  • Relocating sidewalk to west side, offset sidewalk from the roadway, and widening from 4 to 5 feet
  • Relocating utilities
  • Adding streetlights
  • Building retaining walls along the street next to Shawnee United Methodist Church as well as the property on the northwest corner of West 56th Terrace
  • Adding curb inlets near intersections of certain roads that feed into Goddard
  • Fill in ditches and allow stormwater to collect in newly built stormwater system
  • Planning to remove some trees that are in the way of the new sidewalk coming to the west side, or because of filling in ditches.
  • Adding new entrance and adjusting on-street parking at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church
  • Accessible ramps and sidewalks at West 55th Street
  • Asphalt replacement to certain driveway entries feeding into Goddard

The city may have to acquire easements in some areas to access right-of-way for relocation of utilities, the sidewalk and other project improvements.

A survey of neighboring homeowners who live along Goddard indicates that top priorities are pedestrian safety and speeding traffic.

Some homeowners also have concerns about water entering their home and other area drainage issues.

Paul Lindstrom, senior project engineer with the city, asked for homeowners to notify the city of any drainage issues on their properties, to ensure those concerns get addressed within the scope of the project.

With regard to speeding traffic, the city has no plans to address it, and will not adjust the speed limit of 25 mph.

A video of the meeting can be viewed below.