Prairie Village City Council debates marijuana decriminalization proposal — what happens next

Prairie Village is directing its city attorney to take a deeper dive into marijuana decriminalization possibilities after city staff's conclusions found two options could negatively impact defendants in the long run. Councilmember Inga Selders previously said Prairie Village is in a “unique and necessary position" to address marijuana decriminalization, with medical marijuana legal in Missouri. Photo credit dankdepot via Flickr Creative Common. Used under a Creative Commons license.

The city of Prairie Village will continue to look into a marijuana decriminalization ordinance following a tense city council discussion Monday that touched upon issues of both race and cost.

Councilmembers Inga Selders and Ian Graves first introduced the issue to the city council in January with a measure that emphasizes Prairie Village’s proximity to Missouri, which has already legalized medical marijuana, as a reason to alter the city’s regulations.

Following that, the council directed city staff to look into several options for decriminalizing marijuana in Prairie Village, including removing related language from city code and reducing municipal penalties on cannabis-related infractions.