Lenexa approves townhomes at Watercrest Landing, the final piece of 187-acre development

Watercrest Landing

Developers in Lenexa are planning to build 143 townhome units on a 28-acre site on the northwest corner of 95th Street and Monticello Road. The townhomes are part of the sprawling Watercrest Landing project. Above, a conceptual design of what the townhomes could look like.

Lenexa has advanced conceptual plans for a slate of townhomes to be built within the sprawling Watercrest South development.

Located on about 187 acres of farmland at the southwest corner of Monticello Road and 90th Street, the proposed Watercrest South and Copper Creek project consists of plans for a mix of multi-story apartments and townhomes, single-family homes, another multi-family apartment as well as a townhome subdivision, senior housing and commercial developments.

The final piece of Watercrest Landing South — the townhomes — was held back for further review by the city’s planning commission earlier this year, in order to allow the city and developer time to consider the level of residential density that should be allowed for the site.

The 28-acre townhome site on the northwest corner of 95th Street and Monticello Road is now slated to have 143 townhomes in a mix of two-, three- and four-unit buildings.

The developer’s previous plans had called for 56 single-family homes on the site.

After deliberating for several minutes, the Lenexa City Council voted 7-0 Monday to approve a concept plan for the project as well as rezoning the site to allow for higher density dwellings.

Councilmember Tom Nolte was absent.

The latest version of the plan

In the latest iteration of the plan, the developers — Q.C. Development, P and L Development LLC and Watercrest South LLC —  have moved planned multi-family units away from existing single-family homes in the nearby Watercrest Landing subdivision.

This townhomes project is one of the projects that moved higher density residential away from Watercrest Landing to the north.

Single-family homeowners living there had largely opposed apartments at a high level of density to be located next to their properties.

Technically, the project could allow a lower level of density because the number of proposed units — 143 — is so low. However, the developer requested a higher density because medium-high density projects allow smaller lot sizes per residential unit.

The developers have agreed to limit the number of residential units to 143, although the site could have as many as 223 units.

Some city leaders said they had concerns if the townhomes never get built. They wanted to make sure that if different developers come in, then they would also be limited on the number of residential units on the site.

City staff said they could place similar density restrictions on any future developments, should this current project not get built.

Judd Claussen, a representative with P.E., Phelps Engineering Inc. working on the project, said they estimate the townhome units will be sold starting at $400,000.