Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: What’s my home worth, Tanzania, Africa edition

Andrew Bash and family on their recent trip to Africa.

By Andrew Bash

Andrew Bash of Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty.

What is your home worth? In this market, it is a question on the minds of many. But the value of home is so much more than a price point. Home comes in many shapes and forms. I am now more aware of this than ever before! Recently, I returned from what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime. I spent two weeks on the amazing continent of Africa, and I can honestly say that it was the most significant travel experience of my life thus far.

The first leg of our trip was to Tanzania. I was fortunate to connect with many of the locals and learn about their way of life. The way the people live would perhaps be unimaginable to most of us. But they are incredibly proud of their homes and this was evident as they walked us through.

A mother and son inside their hut in Tanzania.

It is so different from how we live in excess. Here, things are not collected unless they are useable. Although it appears that they have little, they are the happiest people I have ever seen. There is what we would define as poverty all around and yet everyone is happy. They have no depression, no anxiety, and no mental health issues. This is not only true of the tribe people but also of the more modern Tanzanians. They live in a constant state of contentment and mindfulness. Why would you want to live any other way?!

Sights of the Serengeti

Another life-changing experience was an astounding safari through the Serengeti. Here, home took on a different definition. To see the extraordinary beauty of nature, and the majesty of the animal kingdom took my breath away. Here YOU are the visitor in their home and the utmost respect must be paid.

Two lions sunning in a tree

At night we were escorted back to our tent by locals armed with only a spear – just in case we met a lion or leopard on the way! Our escorts were named Joseph and Ibayma, members of the Masaai tribe. Providing security for visitors earns them $75 a month. Our safari guides made $300 a month. Imagine living on these amounts stress-free. And yet they do so and do so joyfully!

Our security escorts.

I highly encourage anyone to take this trip if they are able. It will change your outlook on home, life, and happiness forever. There is a Swahili phrase that is beloved by the people of Africa, “Hakuna-matata” meaning “no trouble” or “no worries”. They truly personify this way of living and, after experiencing it for myself, I think they are onto something.

The beauty of a sunset on the African plain.

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