Learn with a Lawyer: Traits to look for in an attorney

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Whether it be a divorce proceeding or a criminal charge, finding the right attorney for your legal matter is crucial to receiving the outcome you desire and to your contentment. While choosing an attorney can seem overwhelming, there are certain traits you should look for that will help make the right decision easier for you.  

What attributes should you look for when hiring an attorney? 

  • Experience and knowledge of the law. When you sit down with an attorney for an initial consultation, pay attention to how well they understand the law that governs your case. Ask the lawyer about their prior experience with this type of matter. Obviously, you do not want a personal injury attorney to represent you if your spouse files for divorce. Gauging their expertise will alert you to whether or not this attorney has the skills needed to navigate your case.  An attorney’s knowledge of specific laws can either make or break your case. 
  • Active listening skills. Any successful attorney is a great listener. Is the attorney with whom you are speaking actively listening — and understanding — everything you are sharing with him or her? Without listening skills, a lawyer cannot grasp all the significant details needed to successfully advocate for you. 
  • Personability. Hire an attorney you like. First and foremost, the attorney should be experienced in your type of case, but you also need to trust him or her, especially as you likely are amid a difficult time in your life. A friendly, personable attorney can help make the process easier for you. Not only that, but an attorney’s reputation in the legal community can affect your case negatively. Avoid hiring an attorney with a bad reputation.
  • Responsive communication. Navigating through a legal situation can be worrisome and confusing. You often will have questions or concerns that only your attorney can answer. Does the attorney to whom you reached out promptly respond to your phone calls and e-mails? Lawyers are exceedingly busy; however, a diligent one will respond timely. A lawyer who is a responsive communicator can help ease your overall stress.
  • Dedication.  A dedicated attorney puts in many hours of work and will go above and beyond for each of their clients. An attorney’s dedication to your specific case can be the most important aspect in a successful outcome for you. Look for an attorney who is committed to you and to your case, and who is willing to put in the work necessary to receive the best outcome. 

If you are facing a legal situation, you need to choose the right attorney for you and for your case. Assess the lawyer you are considering hiring using this list of attributes to ensure you choose wisely.

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