Spring is moving season

Sitting down with the professionals at Bee Organized makes for a calm and collected moving experience.

Let’s be honest, moving can be complicated and oftentimes, overwhelming. Whether you’re planning a move, or you’re helping a friend or family member make the transition to a new space, moving can be exhausting and down right stressful.

Moving day can be all smiles with help from Bee Organized.

Although our core business (and true passion) will always be organizing, we LOVE helping our clients move AND get settled into their new home. We’ve helped move hundreds of clients over the years and Bee Organized specializes in navigating the entire process of Simplifying Your Move.

We thought we’d share some of our best Bee tips to ease your burden and prepare you for times of transition whether your planning to move now or for down the road:

  1. Have a Plan: Sit down and assess current spaces and what will be needed in your new home. Have a clear vision of what is needed and the time frame to complete. Make a checklist of all tasks to be completed prior to move day.
  2. Purge Before You Move: This is SO IMPORTANT! Why pay to move or store items that you don’t want, use or need? Take the time on the front-end to sort through your stuff and purge!

    Bee Organized helps you find the moving system that works for you.
  3. Engage Partners: Lock arms with great, reputable partners to help you before, during and after the move. For example, secure a good mover, find someone to remove the junk, choose a donation site and hire an Estate Sale provider if needed.
  4. Packing: You can pay movers to pack everything, or you can tackle some of it on your own. If packing yourself, remember that paper is your best friend and make sure you have lots of it! If you want to skip the cardboard and do better by the environment on your move, consider using plastic bins and call our friends at Bins4Move.
  5. Label, Label, Label: The easiest way to remove stress during a move is to know what and where things are moving to. Label every box and list the contents. And have a “hot box” ready with important items you’ll need during the transition. Of course we think our Bee Organized Moving Labels are the best way to know exactly where each box goes and what’s inside. Don’t get caught moving without them!

The Jive of our Hive, our Bees, are the magic who make the real difference when it’s time for a move. Keep Bee Organized in mind to help for any or all parts of your move. It would be our HONOR to help you Simplify Your Move!